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"I finally decided after some research to have an dental implant in Seattle. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can eat food that I hadn’t dared eat in public for years. And Karen and Terry were always kind, fun and made us feel like family."

"When I went to work the day after I received my new teeth, people said that I looked so radiant. But no one noticed the difference in my teeth. One coworker wanted me to confide in her that I had cosmetic surgery and just wouldn’t tell her. I’m so happy with my new youthful look."

"Happy New Year everybody! Just a note to tell you how much I love and am enjoying my wonderful teeth (I can eat apples again!). Thank you so much once again and you all are forever in my thoughts"
- Valerie

"Dear Doctor Johnson, I want to thank you again for the truly masterful work you did with my dental implant supported, fixed upper denture. I especially appreciate the patience you exhibited as I worked my way to accepting the loss of my upper teeth. After years trying to save them it was very difficult for me to finally accept their loss. It was a wonderful experience with Seattle Dr. Johnson, to smile again after so many years of hiding my teeth. The timing was perfect with my oldest daughter’s wedding in Mexico and many photo opportunities. Please extend my thanks to your technical assistance and a very special thanks to Karen for somehow finding a way to squeeze me in for an appointment when I make my trips to Seattle. I will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone needing the services in Seattle of a highly accomplished prosthodontist.
Very truly yours,"
- M. H.

"You will never know all you've done for me. I was so sure I couldn't live any more looking the way I did. Then God sent me you and your staff. Thank you all so very much."
- Ivan

"I want to thank you so much for the work you just completed in making my new prosthesis. I have been wearing dentures since I was 15 years old, and this is the first time in the past 13 years that I have been able to bite into an apple, eat a raw carrot or celery without anything moving! When I first began seeing you four years ago when I moved to Seattle from Dallas, I had just had a new set of dentures made to fit a bar on newly-placed implants. I began to have trouble with them immediately -- lots of movement when I talked or ate, replacement of clips needed often. During that time, you realigned my dentures, replaced clips and kept me 'patched up.' You often remarked that you were unhappy with the way my 'new' dentures were designed and knew you could make me a better-designed set. With the new teeth, I now see what you were talking about.

This is the best set I've ever had, cosmetically or mechanically. My husband says I look 20 years younger, and I am eating and talking with so much more confidence and comfort. What was amazing to me is there were no adjustments necessary. I came in for my follow-up visit after wearing the teeth for one week, and there we no 'rubbed' places that needed adjustment.

All I can say is 'thank you.' The new teeth have really changed the quality of my life.

Very yours truly,"
- Gloria

"I just want to let you know that my new 'teeth' seem so natural, and I am very pleased with them. Thank you for being so gentle and kind as I went through this ordeal. P.S. - You have a great staff, too!"
- Lauren R.

"Thank you so very much for the three crowns on my lower left. The procedure was so quick and painless. The crowns fit perfectly. Wow! What a huge difference. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. "
- Lisa M.

"I can't find words to express how happy I am with the result of your superb work: 'my teeth' look great, function perfectly, and feel like they have been my own all along. 

Despite my fear and worries, my experience with the dental treatment you provided and in your office was the best. Your sensibility, patience, knowledge, and expertise were a trust builder, and I felt I was in the right place and in the right hands. Karen and Terry also played an important role with their help and support. 
I can't thank you and the girls enough.

There is a French proverb that says that 'gratitude is the heart's memory,' so I will be forever grateful.

- Yara C.

"There are no words to describe how your kindness and expertise have changed my life for the better. My hope and self-confidence have been restored with my new teeth, something that I have longed for for a very long time. If it were not for you it is quite doubtful that this would have ever happened. Thank you so very much for your giving ways while unbelievably asking nothing in return. You're a wonderful person.

Your staff has been very professional and completely nice to me, and I've really appreciated them as well. If there were more people like you in the world it would be a much better place. 

I think of you often with gratitude, Dr. Johnson. Thank you for everything; you are a true credit to your profession, as is your staff."
- Valerie T.

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