Good implant candidate

Good candidates for dental implants are usually older individuals whose jawbone and healthy gums have ceased to grow. Although, for a dental implant, you should have adequate bone to hold the implants. However, you can still be a good implant candidate even if you have lost your jawbone.

If you have at least one tooth missing, consider getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth. You must understand what qualifies someone for prosthodontics procedures. Here are some things to think about.

The Majority of Candidates are Good for Dental implants

You can replace one, a few, or all of your teeth using dental implants; you can go for them in the place of dentures and bridges. You can get dental implants to stop additional bone loss, where grafting techniques reconstruct the bone as part of the implant process.

Evaluation Before Dental Implants

A Bellevue prosthodontist examines and evaluates your mouth, jaw, teeth, and general health, which is the first step for successful implantation. Before the surgery, you will go through a mouth X-ray process and probably a Computed Tomography (CT) scan. With the help of the above processes, we will be able to observe the structure and location of your sinuses and nerves. We will also find the regions of your bone loss with the help of an X-ray and CT scan; it will also allow us to analyze your treatment accurately. To determine how effectively your implant will heal and bond to the bone, we will also perform a full medical evaluation of your overall health and history.

People who are Prone to Poor Outcomes

People who are at risk of poor dental implant outcomes are diabetic patients, smokers, alcoholics, and people with gum diseases. You can still be a viable dental implant candidate with one of these medical issues. Still, we'll need to carefully evaluate your case and work with you and your doctor to improve your general health. Patients frequently express their satisfaction with the results of dental implants, which generally have a very high success rate. If you're considering getting implants, we can thoroughly examine you to see which procedures are best for you. Call us right away at WSPDIC to set up your appointment.

Reasons You Are a Good Candidate for Dental implants

Your Bellevue Prosthodontist will help you with consultations for your condition, which can help you understand if you are a good candidate for dental surgery.

1. Good Oral Health Is Important

Good candidates for dental implants should have good oral health and a completely formed jaw. Your jaw should ideally contain enough strong bone to support the implant. But if something goes wrong, a bone graft can also work. You must be committed to practicing excellent oral care to protect your implanted teeth and the surrounding gums if you want to be a good candidate for dental implants. Regular brushing, flossing, routine checkups, and expert cleanings are also important. The Bellevue prosthodontists completely examine your mouth and jaw to decide whether dental implants are the best option for you.

2. You Must Have Enough Bone to Support Dental Implants

Dental implants prevent your jaw from deteriorating and provide support to its surroundings. Your prosthodontist ensures that you have enough bone to support the dental implant.

3. Make Sure You Have Healthy Gums

Your gums hold your dental implants and play a major role in supporting them. If you have healthy gums and your prosthodontist ensures they can hold your implants, you are a good candidate for implants.

4. Avoid Bad Oral Habits

Bad oral habits, like using tobacco, affect the healing process of your gums after implants; dental implants need plenty of after care to properly heal. Also, opening things with your mouth or using chemical substances may affect how quickly your implants heal.

5. No Ongoing Dental or Periodontal Problems

A good candidate for dental implants must not have ongoing dental or periodontal diseases and must be committed to good oral health. Implants are suitable for you if your prosthodontist clears you from these oral diseases. One of the reasons these diseases are not friendly to dental implants is because they cause infection during your implant surgery and may make the procedure more complicated. Therefore, you should check with your surgeon before getting into the main therapy. Even if you are struggling with the above dental diseases, you can consult your surgeon, who can help you heal until you are healthy enough to get dental implants.

Benefits of Dental implants

Due to their exceptional ability to stimulate bone formation, dental implants are the most cutting-edge method of tooth replacement with the highest success rate. Dentures and bridges can be replaced with implants and can also be used in conjunction with dental plates. Dental implants are a choice for many patients to treat missing teeth due to their applications and advantages over other traditional tooth replacement methods. It is worth choosing your implant dentist carefully because implants can last a lifetime. The success percentage of implants placed by dentists with surgical training is higher than that of implant treatments performed by ordinary dentists.

We Can Help You Determine If You’re a Good Dental Implant Candidate

Prosthodontists in Bellevue are experts and specialize in procedures and generate better outcomes than regular dentists. We only utilize carefully manufactured implant materials of the greatest caliber. If you believe you could make a suitable candidate for dental implants, we can thoroughly examine whether implants are your best choice. You must consult your prosthodontist before getting the dental implant to ensure that you are perfect for implant surgery.

Individuals Who Should Avoid Dental Implants

You must avoid dental implants if you have had radiation therapy for your neck or head recently, or if you are pregnant, you should wait until the delivery process because a dental surgery may elevate your stress level and affect your baby's growth. Or, if you are already going through a stressful time, you better avoid it to not make it more difficult for you and your family. Also, if you have poor oral hygiene habits, you should stop them before you get your dental implants.

The procedure for replacing a single missing tooth is different for replacing multiple teeth. If you’re missing a single tooth, we will perform an implant crown to replace it. But if you’re missing multiple teeth, we will design bridges that will fit after extracting the teeth. Please consult with your prosthodontist before you follow through with your procedure.


We have discussed why you are a suitable candidate for dental implants - If you have good oral health and you avoid poor oral habits. You need to consult your prosthodontist to ensure your viability for getting dental implants. Don’t hesitate to contact our Bellevue location today!