Teeth Whitening

Summer is right around the corner, but are you feeling your best? Are your teeth shining like that beautiful summer sun? If your answer is no and you want to change that, it may be time for a visit to Washington State Prosthodontics and Dental Implant Center for a professional teeth whitening! Who doesn’t want the confidence of a sparkling white smile, and what better time than now?!

Now listen, we get it, it’s in our name: ‘Prosthodontics’…’Dental Implant Center’…you may be wondering if teeth whitening is even a service provided by a prosthodontist, but the short answer is yes, we do! We offer a wide variety of services that do in fact include prosthodontics and dental implants, but we also do cosmetic dentistry, veneers, bone grafts, and yes, teeth whitening.

So…You’re Telling Me I Have Yellow Teeth...?

No, not necessarily, but we promise it’s not a bad insult if you do! It is completely normal for teeth to yellow, and happens to everyone over time. A variety of foods and beverages can cause staining of your tooth enamel such as red wine, tea, coffee, or anything really that has dark pigmented color. Even things like medication side effects and aging itself can cause darkening or dulling of the teeth. This is because over time the enamel of your teeth gets thinner, revealing the darker, more yellow layer of your teeth we call dentin.

What we are trying to get at here is it is more common than you would think for an individual’s teeth to dull and yellow over time. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, grab a few strangers off the street and we’ll bet they wouldn’t mind having whiter teeth. A person’s smile is a huge source of confidence, or lack there of, as it’s one of the first thing others observe about us. If there’s something you could do to feel more confident in the tone of your smile, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it? Long story short, it’s common to have yellowing teeth, and just as common to want to change that with professional teeth whitening.

The Different Types of Teeth Whitening

If you are reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you are someone who is potentially interested in having your teeth whitened. We also know that there are countless techniques, products, and DIY options for getting a brighter smile that could cause you to be a bit overwhelmed and unsure of what route to take. At Washington State Prosthodontics, we aren’t here to force anyone into receiving our services, we genuinely care about educating our patients and empowering them to make decisions not just off of opinion, but based off of facts. Just like any dental or oral health service, we always say the best way to determine if a service or treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation to to speak with an expert on what’s best. With that being said, we still want to offer the education and at least a slight overview of the different options you have for teeth whitening, so let’s dive in!

Over the Counter Whitening Options

It’s important to note that all over the counter options are considered at home teeth whitening options, but not all at home options are over the counter. More on that later, but right now let’s discuss over the counter, at home teeth whitening options. Be warned, many of these options are unfortunately gimmicks, and typically not worth the money.

Whitening Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Toothpastes and mouthwash that claim to have whitening capabilities are the most inexpensive option, which makes them quite popular. The problem here is that these products use the most mild abrasives that are only capable of removing surface stains from the teeth. Removing surface stains from your teeth will only potentially mildly lighten them at the very best, but unlike what is used in professional teeth whitening procedures, these products will not actually change or lighten the color of your teeth.

Paint On Whiteners

Another very common option are products that are referred to as paint on teeth whiteners. Similarly to the toothpaste and mouthwash we discussed above, these are less expensive options that are also less effective than professional options. Paint on whiteners are essentially a gel that gets applied to the surface of a tooth using a small brush, hence the term ‘paint on whiteners’. The gel that is painted on then hardens into a film to cover the teeth and later dissolve in your mouth.

Whitening Strips

Here we see probably the most commonly ‘successful’ over the counter teeth whitening option out there. Whitening strips are made from polyethylene, a thin and flexible piece of plastic that contains a layer of hydrogen peroxide on one side. These kits come with strips for both the upper and lower sets of teeth. You place the strips across your teeth, fold them over, and gently press down to make sure the entirety of the strip has made contact with your teeth. For best results, these should be worn twice a day for thirty minutes each time. It varies from person to person how long you may have to repeat this process for, and it does work better than the other over the counter options, however is still significantly underwhelmed compared to that of a professional teeth whitening.

Professional Whitening Options

There are two type of professional teeth whitening that we offer; in office whitening and tray whitening. Both of which work significantly better to brighten your smile.

In Office Whitening

Performed at the dental office, in office teeth whitening utilizes professional strength whitening gel that is applied to the surface of your teeth. The entire visit for this treatment typically takes no longer than an hour and a half and you will see immediate results. This option is by far our most popular as it is the most noticeable and a fairly simple process!

Tray Whitening

Tray whitening or bleaching is the type of professional whitening that is also an ‘at home’ whitening option. Your dentist will create custom made trays that perfectly fit your teeth and are filled with a whitening gel. Hydroxyl radicals are what help get rid of stained teeth while the peroxide in the gel breaks down, and most patients see the best results after ten to fourteen days but can also begin to see results in as little as three!

Teeth as Bright as the Sun

If you’re looking for teeth whitening services, Washington State Prosthodontics is the best option in Bellevue. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today to ensure you have shiny white teeth this summery season!